Public Health and Medical

Jeju National University Hospital shares stories of love and hope.

Since the opening in 2001, the JNUH has been endeavoring to provide universal health care services beyond regional, social stratum, and fields in order to protect health of Jeju residents through training, research, and medical practices. 

Since 2006, the hospital established Jeju Local Cancer Center, Local emergency medicine Center, Regional emergency medicine Center, Infant Intensive Care Local Center, and Regional and Rheumatoid Arthritis Diseases Center, playing a leading role in providing treatment and management of emergency and chronic illness of Jeju residents.

The main roles of public health projects

  • First

    Induces medical service providers to offer adequate quality and costs of health care, whereby providing ample treatment

  • Second

    Provides unmet medical services to areas or fields unable to offer amicable health and medical services

  • Third

    A health safety net for vulnerable social group in terms of health and medical services

  • Fourth

    Building of a network system between departments responsible for public-interest projects of public health services.