Mission & Vision

Jeju National University Hospital shares stories of love and hope.


Jeju National University Hospital ensures Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Korea, and the world to enjoy healthy life by providing the world-class medical service.


  • The hospital will be an organization respected by local community 

    by building organic relationships with cooperative medical institutes and through devoted care for patients and their family members.

  • A hospital equipped with the best professional center  

    The hospital becomes the top five national university hospitals through continuous investment for centers focused on severe diseases, including cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. 

  • An inspiring hospital of best manpower

    The hospital becomes a comfortable and the best working environment for people sacrificing to missions and visions and self-development.

Core Values

  • Customer First

    Customers visiting our hospital are the first priority of Jeju National University Hospital; hence, we should operate the hospital to meet our customers' expectation.

  • Partnership

    We will build a cooperative relationship with related originations at home and abroad, including local medical institutes to become a hub of medical network.

  • Open Mind 

    Continue to strive for becoming a role model of local community by expanding from regional characteristics. 

  • Mission Oriented

    As the only national university hospital in the region, we shall carry out our duties based on responsibility and service mind-set according to the medical level of local society.