Mission & Vision

Jeju National University Hospital shares stories of love and hope.


Jeju National University Hospital provides world-class medical services to Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, So that Korea and the whole world can enjoy time.


  • Become a hospital that protects the health of Jeju residents with the best medical services and realizes Jeju medical autonomy.
  • Treatment A customer-oriented hospital trusted by the local community with optimal care

    Based on professionalism, teamwork, and cutting-edge medical treatment system, it provides the best customized medical service to all patients, becoming a customer-oriented hospital trusted by the local community.

  • Education A hospital that nurtures talents with character and expertise

    We put the value of respect for life and patient safety first, and nurture pivotal talents in healthcare with expertise.

  • Research A hospital leading medical development through creative research

    Leading medical development through creative research for healthy life and life extension

  • public health A hospital that implements community health promotion and safety

    The public medical system linked to the local community is fully equipped to provide universal medical services to all residents of Jeju, and the safety of the local community is realized by actively responding to disaster medical treatment.

Core Values

  • Customer-centered

    We listen to the voice of the customer and think from the customer's point of view to provide services that exceed the customer's expectations.

  • Empathy

    Respect and care for each other, empathize with the pain of patients and their families, and try to alleviate their pain.

  • Innovation

    In order to provide better medical services, we do not settle for the present and create new values ​​through continuous challenges.

  • Teamwork

    Teamwork is the driving force for optimal medical service, sharing and collaborating with our expertise and experience.

  • Open mind

    Growing and changing together with the local community With an attitude that actively responds to social needs, Become a leader.

  • Vocation

    It has a sense of responsibility to protect the healthy life of Jeju residents and a sense of calling to realize Jeju medical autonomy.