Jeju National University Hospital shares stories of love and hope.

제주대학교병원장 송병철

Director of Jeju National University Hospital송병철

Jeju National University Hospital shares stories of love and hope.

I cordially welcome you for visiting the homepage of Jeju National University Hospital. 

The hospital was initially Jaehae Clinic, established in 1910. Since then, it boasts 100 years of history from Jeju Clinic to Jeju National University Hospital, and has been responsible for the public medical service of the Jeju region. 

Since the opening of National University Hospital in November 2001, it has been carrying out a pivotal role as the first and only national university hospital on the Jeju region, spanning education, research, and treatment. 

The last decade was the period for us to build a sound management based on the foundation as a national university hospital, and the forthcoming 10 years will be a critical time for us to boost as a world-class hospital through changes and reformation. 

With this in mind, we completed a new building in Ara-dong in Jeju in March 2009, and introduced cutting-edge equipment, established a variety of professional medical centers, expanded a number of excellent medical specialists. All our employees are striving to accomplish both quantitative and qualitative growth. 

We will spare no efforts to boost Jeju, a blessed natural environment, to garner more attention from the world around and to become a competitive city in the medical tourism industry. 

I appreciate your contribution to the development of Jeju National University Hospital and looking forward to your support and interest. 

Thank you.