Guide to visit a sick person

Jeju National University Hospital provides medical services tailored to the needs of patients.

Visiting Hours

Please refrain from visiting after 9 p.m. for stability and sound sleep of patients.

  • General Ward  am 11:30~13:30 / pm 05:00~08:00
  • Internal/Surgical Intensive Care Unit  am 09:00~09:30 / pm 07:00~07:30
  • Infant Intensive Care Unit  am 09:00~09:30 / pm 07:00~07:30

General Ward Visit Guidelines

  1. When you visit the hospital, please use the lounge, and keep your voice down while in the ward.
  2. To prevent infection, children under the age 7 and the elderly with weak immune systems should refrain from visiting the hospital.
  3. All wards and the hospital grounds are non-smoking for the health of our patients and to prevent fire.
  4. Please refrain from bringing in any food and flowers to the hospital due to concerns about virus transmission.

Guidelines for visiting Intensive Care Units

  1. After washing both hands with disinfectant once the visit is over, each guardian with a patient (no more than two people at a time) may enter the room.
  2. Inside the intensive care unit, patients’ basic care, waste material disposal, patient wear change, etc. are all done by the nurse. As such, there is no need for the guardian and the caregiver to stay by (and provide care for) the patient.
  3. Because mobile phone use could disrupt medical equipments, mobile phone use is prohibited inside the intensive care unit.
  4. If you need a medical certificate and other proof of documents, please request to your nurse one day prior; your documents will be ready as soon as your doctor completes them.
  5. For the safety of patients, we might use restraints if necessary.
  6. Preschool children and the elderly should refrain from visiting patients due to the concern of infection.
  7. Those with infectious diseases, such as cold, diarrhea, skin diseases, infectious diseases (chicken pox, rubella, measles, etc.) should refrain from visiting the hospital.