Parking Information

Jeju National University Hospital provides medical services tailored to the needs of patients.

Parking Lot Information

  • The JNUH provides parking 1,151 parking spaces.
  • Parking lots are classified into one inside the hospital, nearby the hospital, and underground parking lots. Please check parking lots using the layout at the bottom.

Parking Lot Location

Parking Lot Location

Size of Parking Spaces

Location Parking lot name Number of vehicles parked
P1 Customer parking lot 97
P2 Employees parking lot 90
P3 Customer parking lot 30
P4 underground parking lot 1F 314
underground parking lot 2F 119
P5 Emergency room parking lot 17
P6 Customer parking lot 5
P7 Funeral Hall parking lot 18
P8 Funeral Hall parking lot 70
P9 Customer parking lot 40
P10 Employees parking lot 351