Health Promotion Center

We ensure special services to improve the health of examinees.

Lifetime partner in health care

Jeju National University Hospital Health Promotion Center doesn’t offer simply health checkups based on test results but rather the customized consultations and on-going concern for examinee’s well-being.

We’ll provide the examinees with special service to improve and maintain their health.
Just knock on the door. We will be your lifetime health care partner.

Features of Jeju National University Health Promotion Center

  • Most of the tests in the program are available in a fresh, comfortable environment without moving.
  • The introduction of different kinds of health checkup programs makes it possible for the patients to have extensive medical checkups they want.
  • Each specialist of Jeju National University Hospital conducts examinations such as ultrasonography, radiography, endoscopy and diagnose.
  • You will be connected with the appropriate doctor to receive swift treatment after finding something wrong in your body.
  • Delicious soup will be provided to appease the hunger after the checkup.
  • For the convenience of the examinee, a checkup notice, health checkup questionnaire, and sample container will be mailed two weeks before the scheduled check-up.
  • Above all, this center’s best feature is to provide lifetime customized and extensive health care to every examinee.

※ Reservation and Inquiry

On Visit Health Promotion Center, Cancer Center 2nd floor, JNUH
On Phone +82) 64-717-1550~1551
※ Consultation and reservations are only available on weekdays from 09:00 to 16:30.
※ Reservation change is required at least 5 days in advance.