Additional organ specific tests

We ensure special services to improve the health of examinees.

Additional specialized tests for each organ.
In the basic health checkup program, specialized tests for each organ can be added


Gastric disease such as esophagus cancer, gastric cancer, duodenitis, ulcer, etc.



Inflammation, ulcer, polyp of colon, colo-rectal cancer


Coronary CT angiography

Coronary artery stenosis, occlusion


Abdomen & Pelvic CT

Cancer of the abdominal organs (Liver, Gallbladder, Kidney, Pancreas, Bladder, Uterine, Ovarian, etc.)


Low-dose Chest CT

Bronchopulmonary disease, lung cancer


Brain MRI/MRA & Carotid MRA

Brain tumor, cerebrovascular disease, cerebral aneurysm, carotid artery diseases


Brain MRA

Cerebrovascular diseases, cerebral aneurysm


Carotid Doppler

Carotid artery diseases


Atherosclerosis Test (PWV)

Arterial stiffness and lower extremity artery stenosis


Heart Rate Variability Test

Stress test, autonomic balance


BMD (lumbar spine and femoral)

Osteoporosis test


Abdomen SONO

Liver, gallbladder, kidney, spleen, (partial) pancreas diseases


Breast SONO

Breast cyst, nodules, breast cancer


Prostate SONO

Prostate enlargement, prostate cancer


Thyroid SONO

Thyroid cyst, thyroid cancer


Positron Emission Tomography

Diagnosis of cancer, cancer stage and metastasis determination