Hospitalization & Discharge

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Admission Procedure

  • 01 Admission Decision
  • 02 Same-day Admission  Admission Appointment
  • 03 Admission Process
  • 04 Treatment
  • 05 Discharge

Admission Decision

Obtain an admission decision from your doctor after emergency and outpatient treatment and submit the form to the admission process desk.

  1. The Same day Admission
    Fill out an admission agreement (advanced-level ward application) and a Doctor-designation Treatment application provided at the admission process desk. After your ward is assigned, please go to the nurse office after visiting the examination department.
  2. Admission Appointment
    If you have concerns about operation schedule or ward is insufficient, make an admission appointment, visit the admission process desk at the administration team for admission procedure (fill out an admission agreement) and a ward allotment, visit the treatment department and go to the nurse's office in the building..

Ward Distribution

Wards are classified into premium, single-bed, double-bed, and five-bed rooms and a ward is distributed according to the conditions of discharged patients; therefore, a ward assigned to you may be different from a ward of your choice.

Prices of Ward

Classification Ward Difference Remarks